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Managment- has email replaced the need for face-to-face contact Essay

Managment-has email substituted the requirement for eye to eye contact among administrators and staff - Essay Example (The Industry Standard 2000). Relational interchanges are a basic establishment whereupon associations are worked as was seen by Barnard(1938) who said â€Å" an association is conceived when there are people who can impart, and who are resolved to take part in activities situated towards a typical goal†. It has been assessed that a director invests 95% of his energy in composed and verbal correspondence. (Mintzberg 1973). It is basic that such innovations affecting upon the hierarchical is analyzed with more prominent consideration it merits. In an examination detailed in Jan 1995(Sullivan), it was discovered that email clients among the of the Florida House of Representatives, a data serious open association, favored the just presented framework for archive conveyance, demand for data and noting questions just and not for drafting reports, relegating assignments and deciding. Furthermore, it was additionally discovered that email was less favored than up close and personal collaboration yet more favored than phone, updates and letters. This perception was 10 years back and in an open association where convention is the standard. It is undisputed reality that email is utilized to supplant tedious and costly regular working environment specialized techniques. It isn't astounding along these lines that 80 percent of all associations currently use email for business correspondence. It will keep on expanding as the expense and opposition decrease. (Louis 2002) Translation of a message relies upon the decision of specialized strategy chose by the sender. The determination of correspondence media is an official ability driven by the variables of convenience and viability. As a one of a kind correspondence channel, email empowers creation and spread of messages in associations. It isn't only a medium among sender and recipient however could be a mind boggling type of correspondence with

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Bill Gates and Paul Allen came... free essay sample

Bill Gates and Paul Allen thought of Microsoft Inc. in the year 1995 and entered the OS (Operating System) business in the year 1980. From that point onwards it turned into the main and interesting normalized working framework in the entire world. Everything began with an incredible vision a PC on each work area and each home that appeared to be practically incomprehensible at that point. The effective Altair bargain back in January 1975 enlivened Bill Gates and Paul Allen to shape Microsoft. Their incomes for 1975 totalled $16,000. Microsofts enormous break was in 1980, when an association was framed with IBM which came about in Microsoft giving a critical working framework, DOS, for IBM PCs. This implied for each IBM Computer sold a sovereignty was paid to Microsoft. In 1990, Gates demonstrated the likely arrangement for Microsoft with the presentation of Windows 3.0. 60 million duplicates of Windows had been sold now which successfully made Microsoft the sole manager of the PC programming standard. We will compose a custom exposition test on Bill Gates and Paul Allen came or then again any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Microsoft before 1990 was dominatingly a provider to the equipment makers. That was their objective market. As innovation progressed and PCs become so mainstream, the heft of Microsofts income was produced from deals to buyers. It was the primary programming organization to reach $1 Billion in incomes. As an ever increasing number of adaptations of Microsoft Windows were propelled, Microsoft caught a higher piece of the overall industry the universes PC (around 90%).The organization is notable to search for four significant characteristics taking all things together recently recruited employees: Ambition IQ Technical aptitude Business judgment.SWOT AnalysisStrength Brand notoriety Brand dependability User cordial programming innovation Skype Acquisition Great monetary execution Weakeness Brand notoriety Brand reliability User well disposed programming innovation Skype Acquisition Great money related performanceOppurtunity Mobile promoting Cloud based assistance Growth through acquisi tions Mobile gadget industryThreat Increasing worldwide rivalry in the product markets Potential claims Open source venture Changing purchaser propensities and needsMicrosoft Corporations vision articulation is to support people and organizations understand their maximum capacity. This vision explanation depends on the estimation of the companys PC innovation and programming items. The vision articulation incompletely characterizes Microsofts target showcase. The second part of Microsofts corporate vision articulation shows what the business expects to do. For example, the organization intends to give items that help clients toward the accomplishment of their maximum capacity, which is indicated in the third segment of the corporate vision.Microsoft Corporations statement of purpose is to engage each individual and each association on the planet to accomplish more. This statement of purpose mirrors the companys vision proclamation on its PC innovation and programming business. The statement of purpose clarifies what Microsofts items can accomplish for clients. For instance, it might remember type of expedient preparing for workplaces and data access in homes. It additionally indicates the objective market, which for this situation includes all people and associations around the world. The companys statement of purpose likewise rhapsodizes that its cutting edge PC headways and programming items help the clients in profiting more.

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10 May New Releases To Put On Hold at the Library Right Now

10 May New Releases To Put On Hold at the Library Right Now Wishlist upcoming releases youre dying to read. Get exclusive podcasts and newsletters. Enter to win swag. Do it all when you join Insiders. Subscribe to Book Riot Insiders! There are so many great books being released, all the time. How to choose? And the lists! Library hold lists are so lonnnnnnng. As the late, great Tom Petty sang, the waiting is the hardest part. Ive got the cure for the common hold: Here are ten big books of note coming out in May to help you choose what to reserve now. (And as always, you can find me raving about a bunch more on social media. Only picking ten books is HARD.) Barracoon: The Story of the Last Black Cargo by Zora Neale Hurston (May 8) You read that right: a new Zora Neale Hurston book. More than eight decades after it was written, this book is finally being published. Its a true story, based on interviews with  Cudjo Lewis about his abduction from Africa and his fifty years as a slave in America.  Zora Neale Hurston conducted the interviews herself in 1925 and again in 1931. Our Kind of Cruelty by Araminta Hall (May 8) This is set to be one of 2018s biggest thrillers, about a man obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, a crime, and the twisted truth about what actually took place. Not everyone is going to agree about what happened, its sort of open to interpretation, so you might want to look at this one for your book club. Warlight by Michael Ondaatje (May 8) The English Patient author returns with his first novel in seven years, about two teenagers in London just after WWII who are left in the care of a suspicious person called The Moth when their parents move to Singapore. That Kind of Mother by Rumaan Alam (May 8) A powerful new novel from the author  of  Rich and Pretty, about a woman named Rebecca who is struggling with new motherhood. She feels a connection to her new nanny, Priscilla, a relationship  that  forces her to confront her privilege when the nanny dies and she adopts Priscilla’s baby. Suddenly Rebecca learns firsthand the differences in the world  that  a white child and a black child experience from a very young age. The Ensemble by Aja Gabel (May 15) A wonderful debut about four talented people, drawn together by their love of music, who are trying to survive in the competitive, cutthroat world of musicians, and how their reliance on one another both helps and hurts them. Tin Man by Sarah Winman (May 15) This novel was already nominated for a bunch of things when it was released overseas, and now it is coming to share its wonderfulness with the States. Its a beautiful novel about friendship and true love, and not, as you might think from the title, about the brainless scarecrow from Oz. The Outsider by Stephen King (May 22) A new novel from Stephen Kingâ€"no surprises there, right? It sounds really creepy, though: Its about a small town where one of its most upstanding citizensâ€"hes a Little League coach, English teacher, husband, and fatherâ€"may have committed an unthinkably heinous crime. Count me in! Legendary (Caraval) by Stephanie Garber (May 29) Im kinda cheating with this one, because I wanted to let you know that on top of this book, the follow-up to Caraval, there are also exciting sequels coming in May from Victoria Aveyard, Sandhya Menon, Sylvain Neuvel, and  Renée Ahdieh, in each of their respective series. No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black and Free in America by Darnell L Moore  (May 29) When journalist Moore was fourteen, he was the victim of a hate crime, from which he narrowly escaped harm. This is his story, a sort of investigation into his own life, about how that experience, as well as growing up in New Jersey, has shaped him. Calypso by David Sedaris  (May 29) Humorist Sedaris is back with a new collection of essays, centered around middle age and mortality, and promising to be his most personal and hilarious yet. Love this quote from the description: This is beach reading for people who detest beaches, required reading for those who loathe small talk and love a good tumor joke.

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Racial Prejudice in The Movie Jungle Fever - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 867 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/02/05 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Racism Essay Did you like this example? The movie Jungle Fever directed and writen by Spike Lee, brings the viewer the lives of two families African Americans and descendants of Italian immigrants. One of the historical parts of the movie which is presented by the filmmaker is the side of the city which the families of Bensonhurst, a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, reacts when one of them- Angie( an italian descendant) starts being romantically involved with Flipper ( African American). Vinny, a character in the movie that is shown as resistant to this interracial relationship, is a friend of Paulie, Angie’s italian boyfriend, which owns a store in the neighboorhood and is frequented by mostly italians. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Racial Prejudice in The Movie Jungle Fever" essay for you Create order Vinny’s reaction of resistant, bigotry and despair in relation to the involvement of an Italian american woman and african american men is lead by the desire to keep the italian background of the community he was raised, to fight for his roots and the desire to maintain the neighborhood where he was raised â€Å"free† of people he considered inferior than his race. In Italy, entire small towns, saw their population fall by half in the decade between 19th century to the 20th century. Of these population, almost a third had as destiny the dreamy North America, specially New York, which had a great need of menpower. Citation Dr. Gerry Krase a Brooklyn College professor afirms that the â€Å"culture of this particular Italian population attempted to recreate their Italian villages from back home and tried to reflect their exaggerated sense of defense against any other culture or ethnicity†. In 1980’s the italian population reached its higher number of residents in New York. Bensonhurst, was one of the main neighborhoods that they were found. Analysing the history a few years back, in 1968, civil rights legislation made segregation illegal, but it remained through a series of individual actions, institutional practices and government policies. The separation of housing areas developed by ethinicities remained stable for while, but co nsenquently saw a shift in which African Americans started to ihabit and visit such as Bensonhurst. In the United States, it was said that the Italians were not black, but they were not white either. They suffered racism, but still felt that they were superior to African Americans. During the 1990’s, when the movie was filmed, although clear acts of discrimination were publicly prohibited by law, discrimination based on skin color continued to happen. .Differences and contrasts between groups was a very important feature in the evolution of life in group. Social relations between two groups could be identified such as two social groups: we and others. The others are not just the others, they are usually also the enemy. Others are not civilized, others do not have our customs, others are violent, others are bad, others do not follow our gods (who are the only true ones), others have strange behaviors that are not ours, others bring us diseases, others eat our food, others kill us, others deserve to be fought. In short, hell is the others. Groups compete with each other. Groups of animals of the same species compete for the same resource, same foods, same type of territory that they prefer and same ideal environmental conditions. This idea could be compared to humans’ evolution. But also, group life has evolved bringing many benefits to the success of an individual and his peers, but also bringing intergroup competition. Discrimination of â€Å"others† results in union and cooperation of members of the â€Å"we†. Cooperate with we to beat others. This explanation can be used when Vinny, the italian character in the movie which is being analyzed, follows Paulie along with other italian friends, trying to make him feel bad about going out with an African American girl. He says â€Å"are you going out with that â€Å"f† nigger? You are a â€Å"f† disgrace†. Vinny and the friends ended up beating him for his intention of seeing Orin. The analogy above can be seen in real life when in the summer of 1989 (two years before the film was released), Yusef K Hawkins, a black teenager, went shopping for a car in Bensonhurst, which was stated above was predonmily italian at the time but seeing more and more other ethinicities around. A group of italian teens, attacked him and eventually shot him. In reality the group thought he was there to date one of the girls pertaining to the neighborhood. The defense not just of the neighborhood against non-whites, but also the defense of the body of the woman that belonged to them. Again it is possible to see the â€Å"we† against â€Å"others†. It is a mechanism of defense against the mix of their community. One group dominates the other institutionalizing a prejudice. Vinny, the italian teens involded in Yussaf’s murder and the many italians in Ben that demonstrated racism against african americans, were fighting ideals that were passed by older generations. The ideals that they were better than blacks and that in their new territory ( the neighborhood in New York city), they needed to show they were stronger and better in order to maitain that little space for them. That territory was hard for them to conquer and they should not allow any outsiders.

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Development Of A Nation s Development - 968 Words

By definition development means ‘the act or process of developing; growth; or progression’. The world’s nation-states are commonly categorized based on their state of development; nations who have reached the end-state, that being developed, are colloquially termed as ‘developed nations’ or ‘first world nations’. In contrast, nations working towards this end-state are referred to as ‘developing nations’ or ‘third world nations’. However obvious or apparent these designations may seem, the constituents affecting the status of a respective nation’s development is quite convoluted. What qualifications do developed nations hold over developing nations; what does it mean exactly to be developed or developing. The process of development is dynamic, and so is the system by which nations received their designation. A series of indicators, institutions and measures are used to assess the state of a nation’s development; historically, these indicators have varied throughout time and space. Development theory has been largely presupposed to the fact that the only institutions of importance were those directly expediting market activity. Directly following World War II, the health of a nation was predominately based off its gross domestic product (GDP). This view of the ‘market as the magic bullet’ dominated the social construct of development; however, this paradigm began to shift come the late 1980s/early 1990s. This archaic way of thinking has now expanded to explore new theories ofShow MoreRelatedDevelopments Of Securing The Nation s Ports788 Words   |  4 PagesDevelopments in securing the nation’s ports have occurred since September 11, 2001: According to American Association of Ports Authorities (n. d) the United States is served by some 360 commercial ports that provide approximately 3,200 cargo and passenger handling facilities and there are more than 150 deep draft seaports under the jurisdiction of 126 public seaport agencies located along the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf and Great Lakes coasts, as well as in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and theRead MoreThe United Nation s Millennium Development Goals1021 Words   |  5 PagesINTRODUCTION This year, 2015, marks the deadline of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) with the final objective of extinguishing all extreme forms of poverty in the world. This consists of eight goals set by the UN, which include the promotion of gender equality and human rights, universal primary education, eradication of hunger, and others. One particular goal of the UK’s Millennium Development, goal number six, is the combat of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria in all countriesRead MoreThe Development Goals Of The United Nation s Children Fund1980 Words   |  8 Pagesworld. United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF) reports that â€Å"although analyses of recent trends show that the country is making progress in cutting down infant and under-five mortality rates, the pace still remains too slow to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of reducing child mortality by a third by 2015†, but that â€Å"the tragedy behind this slow pace of progress in child survival is that two-thirds of the under-five deaths could be avoided, since life-saving interventions are well knownRead MoreForeign Assistance For Foreign Aid1553 Words   |  7 Pagesbe noncommercial from the point of view of the donor and 2) it should be characterized by concessional terms. There are many ways and means of transferring resources to LDC s (Less Developed Countries): Multilaterally, as with the many international agencies such as the World Bank or various departments of the United Nations. Bilaterally, which is an agreement between two countries for a specific amount or item of aid. Direct food aid, or, the granting of preferential tariffs by developed countriesRead MoreEconomic Development Of Africa And South America905 Words   |  4 Pagesthis development has been determined basically by enhanced monetary administration on the mainland and the private part. Africa s financial development coud not have happened without significant change in monetary influence. In any case, Africa s deficient base remains a significant obligation to the mainland s monetary development and improvement.. African as of now contributes only four for every penny of its aggregate GDP in base, contrasted and China s 14 for every penny. Africa s aggregateRead MoreDifference Between Modernization Theory And Dependency Theory Essay1571 Words   |  7 PagesFinal Exam Ehsan Rahmanian Professor Mitu Sengupta December 8 2016 1. What are the main differences between modernization theory and dependency theory? Does the human development approach represent a radical departure from both? Modernization theory is a hypothesis used to clarify the procedure of modernization that a country experiences as it moves from a simple society to a modern one. Dependency theory is the idea that assets spill out of a fringe of poor and immature states to a centre ofRead MoreIndian Foreign Policies : India s Free Global Market And Predictability Of More Economic Development799 Words   |  4 Pagesdeveloping and developed nations like India and China to be part of this group as a guest. Opens new vision for these nations to get benefitted in its annual meeting. When these highly industrialized nations are discussing multifaceted problems like Terrorism, Environment, women empowerment, economic development, global economic balance etc. Indian foreign policies reflect its agenda for equal distance with multipolar world representing worlds superpowers. Which has indebted India s free global marketRead MoreHow China Is A Boundless Nation1576 Words   |  7 Pagesboundless nation, situated in the eastern piece of the Asian mainland, on the western Pacific Rim. It takes the first place in population with approximately 1.3 billion people, occupying 20 percent of the Earth’s total population. At the same time China is as well the fourth biggest nation covering a definite zone of 9,596,960 square kilometers after Russia, Canada, and the United States. With extra seaward region, including regional waters, unique monetary regions, and the mainland retire, China s generalRead MoreWto Membership Opens The Market Of Developing Countries With Exploitation By Big Firms From The Industrialised Countries932 Words   |  4 Pagesimpacts of the WTO membership towards developing nations is the expanded defencelessness of thes e nations towards outer or local shocks. Subsequently, these variables could confine developing nations development prospects because of the nature that fares of most developing markets are product subordinate. In this way, outside stuns, for example, the breakdown of unrefined petroleum cost or financial stoppage could harm the Gross domestic product of nations, for example, Saudi Arabia (raw petroleum), MalaysiaRead MoreA Brief History of Unctad.1096 Words   |  5 PagesUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Developmement United Nations Conference on Trade and Development | Acronyms | UNCTAD | Head | Supachai Panitchpakdi | Status | Active | Established | 1964 | Headquarters | Geneva, Switzerland | Website | | The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) was established in 1964 as a permanent intergovernmental body. It is the principal organ of the United Nations General Assembly dealing with trade, investment,

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BLAT Analysis On Biology - 1298 Words

Perform the following BLAST analysis on your allocated sequence and answer the following questions based on the results. Plagarism will result in an automatic score of zero. 1. Identify the gene 5% Homo sapiens cytochrome P450 family 24 subfamily A member 1 (CYP24A1), transcript variant X3, mRNA 2. Show the results of your BLAST analysis obtained at both nucleotide (2%) and protein (2%) level and identify the types of mutation(s) present (6%). You should also highlight where the mutations occur on the copied alignments obtained from BLAST Figure 1: showing the results of BLAST obtained at a nucleotide level. There is a single nucleotide base substitution from nucleotide base ‘C’ at subject position 1592 to nucleotide base ‘T’ at†¦show more content†¦This occurs in monocytes and macrophages but not in dendritic cells. As this enzyme regulates the level of vitamin D3, this enzyme also plays a role in calcium homeostasis and the vitamin D endocrine system. (RefSeq, 2008) It was also shown that the CYP24A1 enzyme is expressed in many, if not all, target cells containing the vitamin D receptor (VDR), including kidney, bone, intestine, etc. and is strongly inducible by vitamin D receptor agonists in such tissues. The structure of the CYP24A1 gene is generally the same throughout different species but the function can vary for example; there different spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene. 6. State the allelic variant listed in OMIM that corresponds with the mutation you have identified (5%). Does this variant result in a clinical phenotype or specific condition? If so, describe its characteristics and clinical presentation. (15% ) (Total Maximum 300 words) Figure 3: Table showing the allelic variants for the CYP24A1 gene The table shows that there are 7 different allelic variants associated with the CYP24A1 gene. Although this is the case, the variant number .0005 Hypercalcemia infantile 1 is the only variant that corresponds with the mutation I have identified as it changes from amino acid Arginine (R) in the subject to Tryptophan (W) in the query. This variant results is a pathogenic clinical significance. It causes

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Pacts paper - Fallen Angels free essay sample

In the novel Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers, Lieutenant Carroll, the first leader the soldiers have in the novel, said, â€Å"’My father used to call soldiers angel warriors, because usually they get boys to fight wars. Most of you aren’t old enough to vote yet’† (44). The extremity of the youth of the soldiers was unbelievable. Through all they went through, one would assume that only grown men who have experienced the realities of the world were capable of handling the hardships in the Vietnam War. Lieutenant Carroll, ironically, was seen as the wise, older leader of the squad but he was only twenty-three year old. Today, a twenty-three year old is usually fresh out of college and still immature and ignorant to the true meaning of life. The forbearance of the soldiers, what conditions they were in, the key characters of the novel, the themes, and the settings of Myers’s novel were all beautifully put together. To begin with, the soldiers were on a plane, on their way to Vietnam. Little did they know, from then on out, the experience was going to change their lives forever. They were moderately calm and eager to tackle the training that would make them a soldier. The soldiers all struggled to grasp the harsh realties of war. Family life back home was changing, and for people like Richie Perry, his brother and mother were financially dependent on him. He felt a lot of pressure to survive in the war. Jenkins, the first soldier in their platoon to get killed, stepped in a mine, which ended his time in Vietnam. Richie was not very close to Jenkins, but he still felt sad that the young boy died. Though tough events like death happened, the soldiers did not do much most of the time. They walked around without much to worry about, but were on their toes waiting for an attack or mission. Perry said, â€Å"We spent another day lying around. It seemed to be what the war was about. Hours of boredom, seconds of terror† (132). Even when the guys were on a mission, they usually laid there for a long period of time before something big happened. Usually, they were waiting for the Vietcong to come along so they could attack. Though many battles occurred and their relationships back home were improving, the most symbolic mission was at the Song Nha Ngu River. All the soldiers left in Richie’s platoon were sent to check out the river for any Vietcongs nearby. Johnson naturally led the group because no one else took on the challenge. Peewee’s and Richie’s job was to guard the ridge and cover everyone. A firefight broke out behind them and they retreated after they shot down a few Vietcong soldiers. Peewee and Richie ended up separated from the rest of the group. They fired towards the Vietcong and were clearly outnumbered, so they ran away and hid in a hole. The Vietcong searched for them and could not seem to find Peewee and Richie. The two prayed for God to save them. They held hands which showed their brotherhood and fear during that time and that they trusted each other. Peewee was injured by a Vietcong and Richie could not leave him there to die, so he carried Peewee and they found Monaco being held hostage by the Vietcongs. A chopper was coming to retrieve Monaco, but the Vietcong were hiding in the bushes, waiting to attack the chopper and kill all of the American soldiers. Peewee and Richie figured out their plan and as soon as the chopper began to lower, the two shoot at all of the Vietcongs and the soldiers on the chopper saw what they were aiming at and opened fire as well. Monaco, Richie, and Pewee all escaped. Perry was shot in the leg and Peewee was hit as well. They woke up in the recovery hospital and received the news that they would both be coming back home. Monaco revealed the story of when he was captured by the Vietcong and expressed how thankful he was for Peewee and Richie. Monaco stated, â€Å"No, I was dead, Perry. I was actually sitting there with that Cong gun right on my ass and I was dead†¦ when you and Peewee opened up on the gun, it was like I was brought back to life. I was dead and I was brought back to life again† (300). Perry responds, â€Å"We’re all dead over here, Monaco. We’re all dead and just hoping that we come back to life when we get into the World again† (300). These quotes symbolize the feelings of the soldiers. They felt no need to live any longer and it was like they were already dead. That conversation always shows how much they wanted to go home and get away from the war. Additionally, the atmosphere of the novel continually became more complex. When the soldiers first got there, they were nervous because it was their first time fighting in a war. Everything was new to them. When Jenkins died, they got hit with the harsh reality of war. After the sorrow from his death had passed, they joked around with each other all the time and were carefree. They did not realize that everything they did had a consequence that could lead to them going home or not. A Vietcong questioned Peewee and Peewee told him accurate information about himself and almost got killed. The soldiers were all so young and inexperienced so they panicked when something bad happened and ended up making a mistake. Richie missed a mission, so he went with a different squad to do what they were assigned. The soldiers were so frantic that they accidentally fired on their own platoon and killed more than a dozen American soldiers. As the novel progressed, the soldiers gained more experience a nd learned how to handle situations better when under pressure. Perry’s squad went on a pacification mission and said, â€Å"They were supposed to think we were the good guys†¦ I didn’t like having to convince anybody that I was the good guy†¦ We, the Americans, were the good guys† (112). They could not comprehend that anyone would think that the Americans were not trying to help. When the village burning happened, all of the men were confused as to why anyone would do such disturbing things like cutting off a baby’s head. During that time, Richie faced his first face-to-face encounter with a Vietcong that almost shot Richie. When an icky situation actually happens, one forgets all of his/her training and panics and/or draws a blank. Richie ends up going to the recovery hospital because he was injured and he loved the experience. It was calm and relaxing. Although Perry completely dreaded going back to his squad from the recovery hospital, he was thankful that he got a â€Å"break† from the war. The pu rpose of this novel was to inform the readers about Myers’s experiences of the novel and how a soldier changed throughout the course of war. The audience is anyone who enjoys reading about wars or just looking for a good book to grab. The subject of this novel was the life of a soldier in the Vietnam War. The author’s bias was the fact that Myers’s brother was in the Vietnam War and Myers’s is also an African American, like Richie. Perry was a very courageous and smart man. He supported his friends through their struggles and also financially provided for his mother and little brother. He sent them money whenever they needed it and felt like the foundation for his family. Richie changed due to the war and stated, â€Å"I knew Mama loved me, but I also knew when I got back, she would expect me to be the same person, but it could never happen. She hadn’t been in Nam. She hadn’t given her poncho to anybody to wrap a body in, or stepped over a dying kid† (267). The experiences that he faced changed his opinion on the Vietnam War and also his outlook on life. Another key character, Peewee, was fairly different from Perry. Peewee picked fights in the beginning to show everyone that he was not afraid of them and deserved their respect. He was a very straightforward, comical guy. He is very much a boy and not yet a man. Towards the end of the novel, he slowly became closer to being a man. Kenny, who is very much a little boy, is very innocent and dependent on Perry. He sends Richie letters asking for money for basketball league. He’s very smart and realizes his family was not exactly the best off, so he gets a job at the local drug store to help support he and his mom. Moreover, novel themes are what the author hopes the reader learns. One topic was family. Perry’s family back home was less fortunate than others and the three of them struggled to get by. Perry’s single mother and little brother needed support, and Perry was glad that he could help them out. Perry sent money to his family right away whenever they asked. He felt important. He felt needed. Kenny was always kept in Perry’s thoughts as he was impatiently waiting during a mission or even lying in bed, not being able to fall asleep. Family was one of the motivations that the soldiers had to survive. Gearhart wrote his wife, expressing how much he loves her and their children. He also mentioned changing the storm door, which symbolizes that they were normal people with normal lives. Until they began to fight in the war, that is. Another relevant topic was that people around the world struggle with the concept that everyone is different. Diverse religions, races, sexualities, and backgrounds are all themes that affect the characters in Fallen Angels. Johnson, a Black American, had frequent altercations with Walowick, a White American, about where they both lived and how they were raised. Throughout the book, they learn to like each other because they were all in it together. Lobel admits that the only reason why he was in the war was because he wanted to prove to his father that he was not homosexual. Lobel is also Jewish, so with those two characteristics about him, he was almost as much of a target as the black soldiers. Sergeant Dongan also purposely put the black soldiers in more dangerous positions during their patrols. Even though there were many prejudices present throughout the novel, the soldiers ended up being a big family. They knew that no one was going to look out for them except for each other. They were in the same country, fighting in the same war, battling the same emotions, and sharing the same goal – to go home. Contrasting the heartfelt, loving stories of some of the men, there were also sad moments. Peewee received a letter from his girlfriend back home and she told him that she had married another man while Peewee was at war. The distance was too much for her to handle. She later sent a letter to Richie and he said, â€Å"†¦ she went on to say how she was sorry she couldn’t wait for Peewee anymore† (229). Although she was married, she still loved Peewee. Another key theme was perseverance. All the wounded soldiers fought to hold onto their lives as they were helplessly grasping for breaths of air. If a soldier was not dying, they were fighting. Johnson takes lead in most missions, even though he is not the named leader. No one else initiates the first move, so he ta kes charge and fights to help his boys out and keep them and himself alive. The fight for survival is very intense. They were trained early on to focus and get through it, and if they did not, they would most likely not survive, which is what every soldier fears. Lastly, the time and place is crucial no matter what the situation is. In this novel, the soldiers were first in Chu Lai. At this location, all the soldiers really got a big whiff on the truth of war. They witnessed their friends die. Plenty of moments were spent doing nothing and being somewhat relaxed, but when something came up, it was tense and brutal. Praying increased as the soldiers realized they needed God to help them through this war. After their experiences there, the squad moved to Tam Ky. All the soldiers were apprehensive to go to this new base because they got word that it was attacked very often, which scared them. When the soldiers arrived at Tam Ky, they faced many bloody battles that changed their lives forever. From the death of Brew to the news that Perry and Peewee were going home, so many events happened in between. Due to the fatal injuries Perry faced while fighting in Tam Ky, he was sent to the recovery hospital. There, Perry found peace and felt grateful that he was not in combat. He looked into the future and daydreamed about what it would be like to be out of Vietnam and finally back home. The soldier was lucky and very fortunate to not have been battling in war, relaxing on his two-week â€Å"break.† Through the various locations the soldiers traveled to, it showed the day-to-day routines of the soldiers as well as the general feel of the experience. From sickness and bickering in the dorm rooms to the tense, war-filled, smoky atmosphere of Vietnam, it provided hope and relief in the end. The recovery hospitals gave a sense of â€Å"the light at the end of the tunnel,† giving optimism to the soldiers that they possibly could finally go back to the states. Given these points, the plot, atmosphere, characters, themes, and settings are all key topics identified in a novel. They all affect how the novel is written and what kinds of literary devices would be used to give the message that the author desires. Looking into the future, all readers should analyze the books they read and really understand the meaning of why that novel was written and how that refers to life. This novel, especially, demonstrates all of those important factors. It showed the war through an can soldier’s eyes and opened up mine.